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Whelps to Wyrms

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Whelps to Wyrms is coming soon!
Whelps to Wyrms is a game that was designed in full and partially printed back in 2018, however it never made it into the hands of any gamers. Since then, close to 1,000 backers and gamers have been unable to claim the title they crowdfunded. However, SpyGlass Games has been given the reins to re-release this title, and see that both new and old gamers alike have a chance to play this amazing title! Stay tuned for news of the re-release!

What is Whelps to Wyrms?

Whelps to Wyrms is a competitive game for 2-5 players. In Whelps to Wyrms, players become recently hatched dragon whelps. Explore (and raze) the land, and try to acquire the largest treasure horde. Along the way, gain experience and grow mature by eating livestock, and even people!

Be warned though, the people of this land will not sit idly by while you consume their livelihoods. To protect their way of life, they will hire mighty slayers who will seek to defeat you!

Become one of six unique dragon types, with your own special abilities as you grow and explore the land. Discover settlements, treasure, and disaster as you consume and burn your way through all who stand in your way!

Revival Project

What is a Revival Project?
Even though many projects crowd fund each year, some are unable to go the full distance and arrive on the doorsteps of their backers in full. Because of this, many titles that would be enjoyed by many get left in some form of completion along the way, and are not given the dues they deserve. Here at SpyGlass Games, we don't want to see any gamers go without the titles they have paid for, and so we strive to use our expertise to bring these games forward!

In order to do this we assume the position of publisher, speak to the printing or warehousing companies, and integrate our shipping networks to assess the feasibility of what it might take to breathe new life into the current status of the game.

In the case of Whelps to Wyrms, we have been able to make a few deals that make us hopeful that this title will at last have it's day in the sun. Since the original run has already been printed, all files are already with the printer, and a new run would allow new gamers to join in the fun, while covering the needed costs to release the old units to the original backers. If successful, both old and new gamers alike will be able to enjoy Whelps to Wyrms at long last!

Whelps to Wyrm's Rulebook

Whelps to Wyrm's rulebook:
View Whelps to Wyrm's Rulebook

Errata and FAQs:
Whelps to Wyrm's FAQ


01-03-2023 - SpyGlass Games has discovered a title, "Whelps to Wyrms", that, though funded, never made it into the hands of backers. We have within our power the ability to offer what we are calling a project revival, which will allow us to have a shot at finally bringing this remarkable title forward to both old and new backers alike. Please stay tuned for more information as we work towards redeeming this title and bringing it's joy to everyone who deserved to have it before, and new backers as well!