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PHANTOMS of Manhattan

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PHANTOMS of Manhattan is in early Beta!
While SpyGlass Games hammers out the rough edges, hand-blows the finest storylines, and generally makes the game so smooth you could ride it down a snowy hill, please bare with us. As always we promise to have the finest games available to you, and PHANTOMS is a crown jewel of our, there is no doubt. Please sign up for the newsletter in the comments section to be kept in the loop for more to come!

What is PHANTOMS of Manhattan?

PHANTOMS of Manhattan is a cooperative game for 2-5 players. Magic, mysticism, and the occult; these things have always existed in the shadows. From time to time, those creatures that lurk in these shadows sometimes spill into the light, creating chaos, panic, and terror. The Paranormal Hazard Assessment, Neutralization, and Transportation Office of Metaphysical Sciences (known as the PHANTOMS), established by Julian Tyler, have made it their mission to catch these evils and keep them from harming anyone ever again. As of late, it seems Manhattan’s paranormal activity has been acting up, and the PHANTOMS fear that this is a sinister portent of things yet to come.

Members of the PHANTOMS, known as Paranormal Hazard Dispatch (or PHDs), fight the evil every way they can, and must choose to work together, or set off on their own in order to follow up on leads that have been called in by the residents of Manhattan. It is important to be available, because if a location has too much activity, the area will be evacuated and declared condemned! If too many locations condemn around Manhattan, it will become a ghost town… literally!

As PHDs capture and suppress the supernatural, they’ll earn money that will allow them to further research the paranormal and how to prevent it from spilling into our world. Ultimately, there is always the fear that a greater evil is behind all of the activity, and it must be discovered and ended, or else there may not be a world left to protect.

In PHANTOMS of Manhattan, players take on the role of the PHDs as they clean up Manhattan, battle against unknown entities, and search for the end to their waking nightmare. Being able to combat the supernatural is an experimental science at best, and as you capture creatures you'll earn money to upgrade and further your efforts. PHANTOMS of Manhattan has 40+ bosses to compete against, chosen based on gameplay during the game, so you never know what you can expect around the next shadowy alley. PHDs must work together if they want to have any hope of saving the city, or even the world!

Bad Moon Art Studio

In order to animate the in-depth world of PHANTOMS, we have asked Bad Moon Art Studio to illustrate the 100+ pieces of art that will bring PHANTOMS into our world! With a track record of multiple amazing titles, Bad Moon Art Studio is uniquely qualified to take on this project, and the results are amazing, immersive, and stunningly haunting. We love to show off what Bad Moon Art Studios has next for us, so sign up for the mailing list to get updates!


01-03-2023 - SpyGlass Games has discovered a title, "Whelps to Wyrms", that, though funded, never made it into the hands of backers. We have within our power the ability to offer what we are calling a project revival, which will allow us to have a shot at finally bringing this remarkable title forward to both old and new backers alike. Please stay tuned for more information as we work towards redeeming this title and bringing it's joy to everyone who deserved to have it before, and new backers as well!